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Travel tip: Karlovy Vary

30. 5. 2023

No weekend plans yet? Why not go on a trip to Karlovy Vary, the most famous spa town of the Czech Republic? Located just two hours away from Prague in the area of west Bohemia, Karlovy Vary is easily reachable by train or bus. It is perfect for a day trip and can be visited entirely on foot.

On 14th April 2023 international students of CUNI visited the town together with the members of ESN. Have a look at what they did and get some suggestions for your trip to this charming spa town.

Try the thermal waters!

Even if you are not planning to stay in the spa, it is definitely worth taking a walk in the Hot Spring Colonnade (in Czech ‘Vridelni Kolonada’), where you can find multiple springs with mineral water. The water has a specific, strong flavour, and possesses healing properties. You can also buy a special drinking cup in one of the nearby shops, which makes a nice souvenir.

Watch the springs

In the building you can find the well-known Hot Spring geyser (in Czech Vřídlo) whose water has a temperature of 73,4°C! When walking on the street you can also see the fumes coming from the hot springs, which are around 55-65°C.

Go on a hike 

Karlovy Vary offers a number of lookout points from which you can admire the landscapes and the city. The one we have gone up to is the Vyhlidka Jeleni Skok (Deer Jump Lookout), which can be reached both on foot and by the funicular. Once on the hill, you can walk up the 150 steps of the tower and look around. The hike through the forest is a nice, easy walk, and a good way to breathe in some fresh air.

Taste test Becherovka in Jan Becher Museum

Whether you have already tried this Czech liquor or not yet, a visit to Jan Becher museum is a lot of fun: first, you will watch a short documentary about the drink, then have a chance to take a closer look at the history of production as well as the processes of manufacturing in an interactive exhibition, and finally you will end the tour with taste testing some of the Becherovka specials. You can also get some gadgets and drinks in the museum shop.

Visit the annual Film Festival

Every July, Karlovy Vary hosts a film festival with many screenings for a whole week. Much more laid-back than its competitors, it is still very renowned and you might even spot some international stars there.