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Anna Marie Pospíšilová: It’s important to be receptive to ourselves, each of us handles stress differently

Do you ever feel overwhelmed? Are you not sure how to deal with stressful situations or feeling lonely? If so this special episode of the De Facto podcast with psychologist Anna Marie Pospíšilová is just for you. The episode was aired in Czech and we bring you the translation here.

Students abroad: Linda in Brasil

Linda Němcová is currently studying Media Studies and Political Science at the Faculty of Social Sciences at Charles University. She spent a semestr studying in Brazil. She wrote a blog post about her foreign experience.

Ondřej Pekáček in Austria

Students abroad: Ondřej in Austria

Ondřej Pekáček is a PhD. student of Sociology at the Faculty of Social Sciences. He shared with us his experience with Aktion study stay at the Department of Communication, University of Vienna (UW)


FSV UK students as delegation of Charles University at la SPECQUE

This summer our students took part in la SPECQUE, which is the largest international francophone simulation of the European Parliament in the world. The simulation took place in Quebec, Canada. This year’s delegation from Charles University consisted of 5 members, and all members of this delegation are also students of FSV UK.

Students abroad: Tereza in Düsseldorf

Tereza Novotná is a student at the Institute of International Studies. She has a lot of experience with studying abroad and this time she told us about her semester in Düsseldorf.

Ondřej Zeman - Hong Kong

Students abroad: Ondřej in Hong Kong

Ondřej Zeman from Institute of communication studies and journalism at FSV UK spent the last winter semester od 2021/22 at the Hong Kong Baptist University. What was his experience like? He told us in an interview for Blog FSV UK.