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Month: January 2022

Honza Mikulka v podcastu De Facto

Honza Mikulka: Thanks to FSV, I had the space and time to discover more directions in video production.

What is it like to create videos for Honest Guide, a channel which has a million subscribers on YouTube? What were his student years like at Hollar? The guest of the De Facto podcast was Honza Mikulka who studied marketing communication and media studies.

Docent Tomáš Weiss s moderátorkou podcastu De Facto Alicí Němcovou Tejkalovou

Tomáš Weiss: As a member of the EU, we sit at a table where it is decided what the world around us looks like.

Why is membership in the European Union important? Do university staff have enough teaching skills? And how do universities teach in Europe? Answers Associate Professor Tomáš Weiss from the Institute of International Studies FSV UK.