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Students abroad: Eliška in Melbourne, Australia

Our PhD student Eliška spent a semester abroad at the University of Melbourne in Victoria, Australia. Read on to learn what she has to say about it!

Students abroad: František at Sogang University, Republic of Korea

František spent his exchange stay at Sogang University. How did his previous exchange in Spain help him? What were the highlights of the stay? Read more to find out!

Students abroad: Charlie at Universidade NOVA in Lisabon

Read about Charlie’s experience at Universidade NOVA in Lisabon.

Students abroad: Aleksei at Sciences Po in Paris

Aleksei always wanted to go for a stay in Paris so he chose Sciences Po as his Erasmus+ exchange destination. Read all about his experience with studying in France!

Students abroad: Adéla at CIDE in Mexico

Adéla from the Institute of Political Studies went to CIDE in Mexico via the inter-faculty agreement. Why did she choose this programme? Would she recommend studying in Mexico?

Ženy a dívky ve vědě

International Day of Women and Girls in Science

Today is the International Day of Women and Girls in Science! Meet five female doctoral students from FSV UK. Why did they decide to pursue science? Which scientific achievement/success do they value the most?