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Students abroad: Linda in Brasil

Linda Němcová is currently studying Media Studies and Political Science at the Faculty of Social Sciences at Charles University. She spent a semestr studying in Brazil. She wrote a blog post about her foreign experience.

Ondřej Pekáček in Austria

Students abroad: Ondřej in Austria

Ondřej Pekáček is a PhD. student of Sociology at the Faculty of Social Sciences. He shared with us his experience with Aktion study stay at the Department of Communication, University of Vienna (UW)

Docent Tomáš Weiss s moderátorkou podcastu De Facto Alicí Němcovou Tejkalovou

Tomáš Weiss: As a member of the EU, we sit at a table where it is decided what the world around us looks like.

Why is membership in the European Union important? Do university staff have enough teaching skills? And how do universities teach in Europe? Answers Associate Professor Tomáš Weiss from the Institute of International Studies FSV UK.

Tomáš Petříček: In the case of European policy it is necessary to perceive that it is based on different cultural and historical traditions

Dear listeners, you’ve tuned in into De Facto, a podcast of the Faculty of Social Sciences of Charles University. This