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Ženy a dívky ve vědě

International Day of Women and Girls in Science

Today is the International Day of Women and Girls in Science! Meet five female doctoral students from FSV UK. Why did they decide to pursue science? Which scientific achievement/success do they value the most?

Students abroad: Vojtěch in Washington

Our student Vojtěch went on an exchange program to Washington, USA. What was it like for him? What are his favorite memories? And what are his plans for the future? Read about it in our blogpost.

Students abroad: Tereza in Düsseldorf

Tereza Novotná is a student at the Institute of International Studies. She has a lot of experience with studying abroad and this time she told us about her semester in Düsseldorf.

Rachel Primasová

Students abroad: Rachel in Mexico

Our student Rachel Primasová from North American studies at the Institute of international studies spent a semester in Mexico, the state of Nuevo Leon. Read about her experience.

Docent Tomáš Weiss s moderátorkou podcastu De Facto Alicí Němcovou Tejkalovou

Tomáš Weiss: As a member of the EU, we sit at a table where it is decided what the world around us looks like.

Why is membership in the European Union important? Do university staff have enough teaching skills? And how do universities teach in Europe? Answers Associate Professor Tomáš Weiss from the Institute of International Studies FSV UK.