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Rachel Primasová

Students abroad: Rachel in Mexico

4. 8. 2022

Our student Rachel Primasová from North American studies at the Institute of international studies spent a semester in Mexico, the state of Nuevo Leon. Read about her experience.

Thank you for your willingness to share with us your experience abroad. Can you tell us something about yourself? What do you study? Where did you spend your exchange stay?

Hi! My name is Rachel Primasová, I study North American studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences. I was in Mexico, the state of Nuevo Leon. It is close to the US border.

Where did you learn about the Exchange programme? Where did you find more information about it? 

Most of my classmates went somewhere. It is logical – you don’t want to study about some territory and have never been there, right? I found all information on the website of my faculty.

When choosing your exchange programme where did you start from: having your dream destination in mind, and searching for a way to get there, or did you just want to have an experience abroad (wherever) and you chose among the offered possibilities?

Since I am focusing in my master thesis on Mexico, it was a clear choice. So the place was first.

Tell us something regarding your first days. How was the acclimatization process: any culture shock? What about the classes, teachers, classmates? Have you been experiencing any language barrier or any other difficulties?

Great cultural shock. Mexico is an absolutely different country. Everything is different: mentality, economic situation, relation to religion, family relations, school habits etc. I know Spanish so for me it was not that hard but without it I would be lost. Most Mexicans do not speak English at all.

How was your daily life there? Was it as you expected it? If you had the possibility, would you extend your stay? 

Due to the third wave of covid-19, I had only online classes. It was hard, but you get used to it. Yes, if possible I would extend. The country is very interesting and has much to offer!

Would you recommend the destination to other students? Would you recommend this type of mobility?

Yes, but with some recommendations and tips. They have to be aware of the security situation, etc.

And what about the International Office at FSV, is there something we could have done better (providing you with information, helping you with the administration)? 

The international office was perfect 🙂

Can you suggest to us how we can better promote this type of Exchange?

Maybe more information on the social media of the faculty or some posters in the university.

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