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Students abroad: Valentýna at the City University in Hong Kong

Valentýna from the Institute of Communication Studies and Journalism went for a study stay in Hong Kong. Read more about her experience at tze City University.

Students abroad: Aysha in Austria and Germany

Aysha is a Ph.D. student and for her research stay, she combined Erasmus+ traineeship and visiting scholar opportunity. What was it like? Read on!

Students abroad: Charlie at Universidade NOVA in Lisabon

Read about Charlie’s experience at Universidade NOVA in Lisabon.

Students abroad: Tomáš at University of Colorado Denver

Tomáš, a PhD student of Public and Social Policy is at University of Colorado Denver thanks to the inter-faculty agrement. Read more about his experience with research and American life.

Students abroad: Martin at the ANU in Canberra

Martin, a MA student from ICSJ, spent an exchange semester at the Australian National University in Canberra. Read all about his experience!

Students abroad: Aleksei at Sciences Po in Paris

Aleksei always wanted to go for a stay in Paris so he chose Sciences Po as his Erasmus+ exchange destination. Read all about his experience with studying in France!